Saturday, August 15, 2009

Black Pearl paper props

These paper props were completed for FST's production of Black Pearl Sings. The telegram was put together in a word document using actual lines from the script. Originally, a font duplicating authentic Western Union telegrams was used, but we switched it to Times New Roman to make it easier for the actress to read on stage. I also created a template for the envelope and then assembled each one by hand. The twenty dollar bill came from a simple google image search. I then edited the image to remove all serial numbers and carefully inserted my own text, PROP MONEY, NOT REAL. I'm not exactly sure if I avoided breaking the law or not. The photos, again, came from a google image search. I glued them to card stock and used dark tea to gently age/stain the photos. The small stack of letters began with contemporary stationary, but I used a vintage stamp and did a lot of distressing. I crumpled, smeared dirt, stained with tea, and tore edges to achieve the final product.

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