Friday, August 21, 2009

Beer Mugs

These beer mugs were used in Marvelous Party. I used actual glass mugs and coated the insides with shellac. When it dried, a translucent, amber beer color was achieved. I added a bit of white paint to suggest suds and coated the outsides with spray frost to indicate condensation.


These halberds were made for Shakespeare (abridged)'s Hamlet sequence and used by the guards. The shapes of the halberds were cut out of lauan and slid into notches cut into the ends of sturdy dowels. The pieces were screwed together and painted to look like weapons.

Puppet Theatre sign

This sign was made for Shakespeare (abridged) and used during the Hamlet sequence when puppets are used to represent "the players".

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

Florida Studio Theatre's set for "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)", designed by Lauren Feldman. I did all of the scenic painting on the floor, walls, and columns.

Shakespeare bust

I fabricated this Shakespeare bust using a block of styrofoam and a foam mannequin head from the costume shop. After setting them an an upright dowel, I carved out the desired shape and then coated the bust with cheesecloth and glue. I used two different colors of paint to achieve the "bronzed" look of the finished product. This prop could be knocked off the pedestal, hit the floor, and not be harmed.

Floor painting

This floor was used for Florida Studio Theatre's productions of Marvelous Party and Shakespeare abridged. I started out with a black base and a greeen scumble. The final look came from sponge painting.

Wood Graining

The wood graining technique used here starts with a base coat of dark yellow. Then a coat of light brown is painted over it, but immidietely wiped off with cheescloth creating a "wood grain". Another coat of darker, watered-down, brown is applied and again wiped off with cheesecloth.